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Portugal, Porto, Water Reservoir of University of Sports

Water Reservoir of University of Sports, Porto, Portugal  
Область применения
Гидроизоляция резервуаров с питьевой водой мембранами ТПО
Description 20 year old concrete underground water reservoir with 800 m2 of total area waterproofed with KOSTER TPO 1.5 Aqua membrane specially designed for drinking water tanks and reservoirs. The reservoir didn’t have any coating and the water was in direct contact with the concrete that due to it’s pourous nature was unable to seal the structure properly and small particles were constantly contaminating the water with small particles. The decision was to coat the reservoir with a membrane that would be able to endure at least another 20 years with only simple once a year cleaning. The limitation of time to be able to install an adhered system that would need substrate preparation and several days os curing, allowed to reservoir to be only inactive for 3 days, to rapidly install the KOSTER TPO Aqua membrane.  
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КЁСТЕР ТПО Композитный Листовой Металл
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