Гигиеническое защитное покрытие для пищевой промышленности

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2 Напольное покрытие и подложка
KÖSTER UC Farbpaste

KÖSTER UC combines properties of mineral floor leveling materials (leveling and repair of mineral substrates) and reactive resin coatings (protection against penetrating substances and damage as well as decorative design) in one product. It is based on a polymer binder (polyurethane) and mineral fillers. KÖSTER UC Systems can therefore be used in a wide variety of fields of application with high demands on the coating such as in the food production industry (production, kitchens) as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. KÖSTER UC can be installed in new construction projects (retail) and in the renovation of production areas which must be quickly open to traffic.

In order to ensure a successful application, the substrate must be properly prepared by shotblasting. The three-part KÖSTER UC System is made up of: KÖSTER UC 100, a self-leveling urethane cement flooring system for smaller layer thicknesses; KÖSTER UC 200, a trowel applied urethane cement flooring system for higher layer thicknesses; and KÖSTER UC 300, a very thin-layer urethane cement flooring system, which can be used as a primer or top coat, depending on the circumstances. Additionally, KÖSTER UC Pigment Paste can be used to color any of the KÖSTER UC flooring system to meet decorative requirements.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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